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At Bird Rock Beach Hotel, guests enjoy endless ocean views and top-notch scuba diving. The only dive resort in St. Kitts where guests can take part in a number of water-based activities. Roll out of bed and onto the waiting dive boat and enjoy colorful reef formations and fascinating wrecks. We offer diving packages that make your vacation a breeze. Packages include accommodation, meals and diving which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Located on the outskirts of Basseterre, Bird Rock Beach Hotel is also the perfect place for your business events, meetings, intimate weddings or special celebrations. 

"This is not a 5 star American luxury hotel - this is a locally owned and run tropical hotel so get used to it ! We had absolutely no complaints - great view, quiet, decent food and service"

"All in all, Bird Rock Beach did not disappoint and in fact exceeded my expectations due to the recent upgrades in both the hotel and the dive operation. "

"We were here to do some snorkeling and Dive St. Kitts is right there so there was no transportation issue for that. The room was comfortable- we had the one with a kitchenette in it- well worth the upgrade!"

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